The Team

We have come together as experienced individuals from the technology, renewable energy and data industries to create one team – Ouro.

Sasha Jacob

Mr. Jacob is the Chairman & CEO of Jacob Capital Management Inc., an independent financial advisory firm focused on the renewable power and clean technology sectors. As the first investment banker in Canada in renewable energy, Mr. Jacob brings over 20 years of experience in the power sector, including founding and leading the power and infrastructure practice at a leading Canadian investment bank. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Ceylon Graphite (CYL:TSXV) in Sri Lanka, as well as being Chairman of the Board of Maritime Launch Nova Scotia.

Stephen Molden

Stephen Molden, the Strategic Solar Consultant to Ouro, brings immense expertise and knowledge in the renewable energy sector. His technical understanding and industry insight are vital to Ouro’s mission. Stephen’s in-depth comprehension of solar technology and his ability to evaluate system performance make him an invaluable asset. He bridges the gap between technical and business objectives, aligning Ouro’s offering with market needs and integrating their technology into solar projects.

Dr Ravi Chamria 

Dr Ravi Chamria, a co-founder of DComm, brings extensive expertise in blockchain technology to Ouro. He leads the integration of loT and blockchain to establish a transparent and verifiable data system. The expertise enables Ouro to optimize solar projects and seize new market opportunities. Dr Chamria also plays a crucial role in shaping the team’s technical strategy, aligning it with the mission to disrupt the renewable energy sector.

Gareth Beesley

Gareth Beesley is the visionary CEO of DComm and the driving force behind the creation of Ouro. He uniquely combines his passion for technology and sustainability, utilizing loT and blockchain technologies to help revolutionize the renewable energy sector. A disruptor at heart, Gareth excels at envisioning and delivering best-in-class products that cater to global and diverse needs while foreseeing potential risks and leading transformative change.

Brett Endersby

Brett is CEO of DComm Ventures and Infrastructure, playing a pivotal role within Ouro. He is responsible for overseeing infrastructure projects that align with our vision of transforming the renewable energy sector through cutting-edge technology. His strategic vision and ability to identify challenges and opportunities enable him to navigate complex situations and guide the team to success.

Ghan Vashishtha

Ghan, Co-founder of DComm, is a central figure in the Ouro team. With a strong background in technology, blockchain solutions and business development, he plays a vital role in steering the team towards their ambitious goals. Ghan oversees the integration of loT and blockchain, ensuring a robust and reliable system for data collection, management, and analytics. His strong business development skills enable the team to connect with solar project owners, stakeholders and investors – facilitating a smooth transition to decentralized and democratized energy production.

Jad Jubaili

As DComm’s strategic advisor, Jad is a valuable asset to Ouro, bringing his extensive knowledge and a strong network in the solar industry. With his expertise in solar energy and strategic thinking, he plays a crucial role in shaping the team’s vision to disrupt and transform the renewable energy sector. His understanding of solar market dynamics helps identify potential early adopters of the technology, fostering collaborations that align with the Ouro team’s mission of making solar energy more efficient, transparent, and profitable.

Jad Adnan

Within Ouro, Jad plays a pivotal role in the development and deployment of user-friendly application solutions. These solutions facilitate ease of use for retail customers and consumers, creating a seamless interface for engagement with Ouro’s data and services. Jad Adnan is a seasoned technologist with a profound understanding of creating user-centric applications. His expertise is integral to Ouro’s mission of creating accessible solar solutions.

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DComm Blockchain has a mission to become the go-to blockchain for real-world asset ‘tokenization’. At the heart of the business and technology infrastructure lies a cutting-edge, third-generation blockchain. Supporting this initiative are applications, services, APIs, partnerships and an open-source library of knowledge.

Central to Ouro’s journey towards revolutionizing the renewable energy sector is the opportunity to partner with Callaghan Innovation – New Zealand’s Innovation Agency.

Known for their unwavering commitment to activating innovation for a better New Zealand, Callaghan Innovation boasts a rich legacy of collaborating with forward-thinking businesses to expedite their growth. This is why we are proud to confirm that DComm Innovation Group have entered into a collaboration agreement with Callaghan Innovation for commercialization advisory support with the view towards entering into a commercial agreement upon mutually agreeable terms.

One such collaboration tells the story of Tauranga-based Bluelab. Despite initial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, they witnessed a remarkable 88% growth in revenue. As a leading manufacturer of measurement tools for controlled-environment agriculture, they navigated the pandemic’s curveballs by rapidly adapting. With Callaghan Innovation’s expertise, Bluelab was able to reduce the probe’s assembly time by an astonishing 95%. This not only highlights Callaghan Innovation’s suburb technical abilities but also their commitment to enabling business to adapt, innovate and grow even in challenging times.

With over 200 of New Zealand’s leading scientific and engineering minds under the Callaghan Innovation banner, a collaboration with them promises an amalgamation of technical expertise, cutting-edge solutions and a shared vision for a sustainable future.

As Ouro embarks on its mission to embed traceable solar energy data in the blockchain, ensuring complete auditability and instilling unwavering trust, our partnership with Callaghan Innovation promises a future where data integrity in the renewable green energy sector is the gold standard. Together, we are setting benchmarks, one authenticated data point at a time.

Jacob Capital Management Inc. is a principal investor and advisory firm providing strategic and financial advisory services to companies in the renewable power, infrastructure, clean technology and battery metals sectors. The firm, which is headquartered in Toronto, services both private and public companies around the world.

XCircle offers customized ICT solutions from design and solution consultation to fabrication, implementation and delivery, designed to meet customer-specific needs with a diverse range of technology products and solutions.

Zeeve is an enterprise-grade automation platform deploying, monitoring and managing blockchain nodes and networks. Zeeve can deploy DComm nodes and decentralized apps using our intuitive and no-code platform. Zeeve allows DComm nodes and networks to be deployed in a matter of minutes, and then managed with the help of advanced analytics, monitoring and real-time alerts.

Sunified’s purpose is to connect the world to the wealth of renewable energy.​ Sunified use technology to address the universal threats posed by the climate emergency. Their team is focused and passionate, open and engaged. They believe in learning and sharing.